Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Long Time No Post!

It has been such a long time since I have written anything, I feel like a major fail.  Life just seems to get away from me so fast.  So much has happened in such a little amount of time.  I will do the Reader's Digest Condensed Version.
Rachal, my second child, moved out here to Iowa for about a year with her daughter.  She was working at a nursing home as the Activities Director.  She had a very cushy job but for some reason the women there weren't so happy with the fact that she was so young and was doing such a great job there.  They quickly turned on her and began to sabotage her and gossip so bad that it became impossible for her to do her job in a manner that she felt was conducive for the residents best interest.  She sold her car and flew back to Idaho.  I was so sad to see her and Sammie leave.
Chase, my oldest son, graduated from high school this year and headed up to Alaska to work with a man from Weiser, Idaho.  They are working up there building stores and government buildings.  Chase is doing electrical work and is doing odds and end construction work.  He is making very good money for a kid right out of high school.  I am very proud of him.
Melinda, my oldest, moved out here with Jaxon.  She left Timothy back in Idaho with his dad.  I have lost all contact with him as well as she.  I am not so sure about that whole situation.  She got a job at the Kawasaki plant in Maryville, MO and within a very short time was promoted to a float position.  This position is pretty cushy because they float around the various departments, if all employees show up to work then the floater gets to go home and gets paid as if they worked that day.  Not too shabby.
In June I was in a bad car accident.  I flipped and then rolled my car four times.  As a result of the car accident I fractured my left clavicle, fractured my sternum, got a pretty bad concussion, ripped off the tip of my right ring finger that I had just had pinned a few months prior, got a nice black eye, and got a few chunks of skin ripped off of my left shoulder from the explosion of the windshield.  I am so very blessed to be alive.  The sheriff himself said that he had never in his 20 some years of law enforcement seen a car so bad mangled seen someone alive, let alone walk away from the accident.  I know that my Heavenly Father has plans for me still, whatever that may be, who knows.
Since in my prior blogs I have mentioned our gardening attempts, I will mention this years.  Epic FAIL.  We have had a severe drought situation this year and since we were in Arizona for a major time during the critical watering time the garden pretty much died.  Well, it didn't pretty much die, it did die.  We were able to get one watermelon from the garden we planted in the back yard and the tomatoes we planted in the front yard in a raised garden bed survived.  We haven't had a bumper crop but we have gotten a few tomatoes.  Maybe some year we will have that garden we so dream of.  With the situation of the government today we REALLY needed the produce to can and put up.  It is a very scary time.
I will try to write more later.  I hope I didn't bore you too much!!!  :)

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